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Who are we?

Papa Poule also offers catering services in Lisbon. Our creative, innovative and happy team loves to feel challenged to push boundaries in order to offer you truly personalised catering.

What do we do?

For each unique moment, we prepare the most appropriate selection of products from the most rustic to the most delicate. Always special: from brunch to an aperitif to the most complete dinner…

How can we be so unique?

We pride ourselves on our search for the best of the land in many regions of France and the Mediterranean in general. Everything is transformed by our team of professionals in our full kitchens in Lisbon.

And why price?

We choose not to have a fixed price. Contact us, tell us what you want, and we will reply as soon as possible preparing a personalized proposal.

We supply for professionals!

We specialise in importing the best French, Italian and Spanish cheeses and charcuterie and offer a solution adapted to the needs of the catering industry. All our production is delivered vacuum packed, allowing easy preparation with the highest hygiene standards,while maintaining the quality of flavour and facilitating shelf life management.

Contact us!

    Nos boutiques:


    Du mardi au samedi
    10H30 – 22H30
    10H30 – 15H00
    Rua 1o de Maio 138
    1300-472 Lisboa
    218 228 183


    Campo de ourique
    Du mardi au samedi
    11H00 – 20H00
    11H00 – 14H00
    Rua Almeida e Sousa 10c
    1250-064 Lisboa
    218 039 211


    Baixa Chiado
    Du mardi au samedi
    09H00 – 19H00
    09H00 – 13H00
    Rua São Nicolau 117
    1100-184 Lisboa
    212 449 373